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Emily Denton & Alyssa Yackley


"P.S.O.M. is an interdisciplinary Teacher Training. Yoga is so much more than the asana, than practicing the poses and the preparation to sit. Don’t get me wrong, I love to vinyasa flow and the ashtanga influence is strong in the sequence that is taught during this TT. But if you’re at that point in your practice where you're thirsty for more knowledge on the 8 limbed path, yoga origin, Sanskrit, anatomy, yin, meditation, ayurveda, alignment, the intention behind poses, the koshas, ancient texts, the chakras, and the evolution of the spine THIS is the teacher training for you. Alyssa and Emily do an amazing job making the subject material interesting and teaching the yoga unavoidable. Because the only way to learn to teach is to get up there and actually command bodies through space. Ultimately, by the end of the training you’ll not only find yourself a deeper part of this amazing community but you’ll also have all the right tools so that you can choose where you want your yoga path to take you next." -Greta Rose Heller, PSOM Graduate



"To all who are considering it, I encourage you without a doubt to enroll in the Practice School of Magic's 200 Hour YTT training. The duo of Alyssa Yackley's comprehensive understanding of human anatomy alongside Emily Denton's expansive studies of yogic wisdom make this transformative experience immeasurable. Upon graduation of PSOM's 200 YTT not only will you feel comfortable as a fully equipped, certified yoga instructor but also as a valuable member of an intentional, inclusive community rooted in self study for collective liberation." - Paul Beshire, PSOM Graduate



I'm infinitely grateful to have participated in the PSOM 200 RYT. I expected to learn about asana and the principles of sequencing and hoped to improve my own practice along the way- I got so much more. Alyssa and Emily created a place where we could really examine what Yoga means for the individual and for the community. I came away with a different lens through which to view the world and my place in it along with the strong bonds that form when a special group of people share in something profound." - Julia Renteria, PSOM Graduate



"I signed up for PSOM sparked by a curiosity to dig deep into the bowels of yoga and yogic thought.  That, and I love Emily and I believe in everything she does--I will follow her anywhere.  What I found through experiencing TT was so much deeper, more challenging, and more magical than I had considered at the start.  Through TT, I built a baseline exposure to theories on which I can keep building through my own practice.  I built confidence (and worked at shattering my own self-doubt) by standing up in front of my beautiful and strong peers and leading them in practice, practicing myself in sharing what I love in yoga.  And, most, most, most, most importantly of all, we, all together, built a community of exquisite, brilliant, and beautiful humans who shared interests and fears, and we explored them together.  Despite initial uncertainty about putting my name on the roster, I'm glad I took the leap." - Joanie Walbert, PSOM Graduate



"I approached TT with no real intention beyond a vague idea of committing to and deepening my yoga practice.

Alyssa and Emily are qualified, compassionate, challenging teachers that put forth a lot of effort into cultivating a real community with the program - a genuine open, welcoming space where we could discuss and share thoughts both about yoga philosophy and learning to teach yoga.

The program is definitely intensive with a a lot of information about wide variety of subjects (Chakras! Pranayama! The spine! Chaturanga!... and so on), the assignments are thoughtful, and there is a healthy mix of additional expert guest teachers, mentors, and practice teaching opportunities."  -Yasmin Elbaradie PSOM Graduate



"My time in the PSOM TT was an amazing experience as I now have a family of the most amazing human beings in the world.  Because the leadership believes that we will also be students of yoga as long as we are teachers of yoga, we had the opportunity to do a tremendous amount of self work.  Respecting and learning from the science and genius of yoga has allowed me to understand its sacredness as well as its potential to transform and liberate lives as it has done my own.  I felt so connected, cared for, and supported by my teachers, mentors, and fellow teacher trainees.  Since graduating, I feel I have been equipped and supported with enough resources to not only successfully be a yoga teacher in Seattle, but anywhere I find myself next.  I am extremely grateful to my teachers and mentors for investing in me the way that they did." - Chasity Jones, PSOM Graduate


"Alyssa and Emily poured their hearts and souls into The Practice School of Magic. Together, my fellow magicians and I had mind-blowing, perspective-shifting conversations, learned more than we'll ever need to know about the human body, and developed an incredibly deep community of friends and comrades.  I'd say we all got the confidence to honor our authentic voices and teach yoga to an entire class of human beings. It was absolutely amazing." - Sarah McMurchie, PSOM Graduate


"Emily and Alyssa created a beautifully open and safe environment for my learning, allowing me to deeply explore questions about my relationship to myself, this world and everything in it. With their support and the support of my cohort, I learned to trust and listen to my own creativity and weirdness and I learned that I can teach a burner of a sequence to a room full of strangers in a 95 degree room! I think maybe the best testimonial for this training is that I left with lasting relationships with badass humans who continue to support and challenge and inspire my learning.”- Kendra Appe PSOM Graduate


"Let's be real: we're building an army. Poseurs will save the world. The Practice School of Magic provides the tools and the sanga to navigate a violent system with nonviolence, love, compassion and strength. Magic schoolers come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and with all different super powers. Together we delve deep within the study of the practice of Yoga, and the study of ourselves. We come out on the other side having built a dialogue; a platform for speaking to the things we don't have words for. We're connected to one another, and to the lineage of this ancient (and magical) practice, forever."- Emily Taibleson PSOM Graduate