Dark Side of The Moon

A PSOM 100hr YACEP training in Yin Yoga, Classical Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra


Winter 2020 dates TBA


Born out of Yoga Poseurs- a non-traditional yoga community made of true life rebels and misfits, P:SOM is united by the idea that yoga is for YOU (and you, and you), and that all anyone needs to study yoga is a curious outlook and a fertile, supportive community.  Community Magic [School] For All. The Practice School of Magic was founded to create a different kind of freedom than you might find in more broadly utilized structures like yoga studio or ashrams. 

The Dark Side of the Moon training moves this mission of liberation forward into the the very fabric of our approach to the practice of yoga. How do we recognize and subvert the oppressive structures of our current culture as the present themselves in our metaphysical practices? How do we make Lunar Magic that is free and pertinent to these Solar times? DSOTM is an opportunity to turn inward toward the receptive and reflective arts of yoga and meditation- to turn towards the shady side of things.

PRACTICE: School of Magic Programs and Trainings create a structure to dig even deeper into the study of the eight-fold path of rajayoga through immersive time and collective rumination. This is the science of accessible magic. The whole idea is to show up as real people, examining all this radical, powerful shit with the support of one another.  One body, one breath, one entity and for each other.


The Dark Side of The Moon 100hr program is focused on Yin- style yoga, Yoga Nidra and the Classical Breaths of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. As dark is to light, as dominant is to subversive, as moon is to sun is as Yin is to Yang, The training will focus on the practical techniques of yin- yoga, pranayama (breath & energy) and yoga nidra theory and practice, while creating space for yogis to engage in their own exploration and study. We will dialogue and discuss the spectrum of lunar practices and ways to integrate and lead them. There will also be an invitation to introspect kindly and partake in self-process construction.

In context with Yin Asana , Pranayama, and yoga nidra Yoga Nidra, we will study subtle body anatomy, manifestation through the chakras, kosha theory, physical anatomy of connective tissue & body systems. Broadening the lens to the 8 fold path of Buddhist Dharma, the evolution of consciousness and the chandra theory around lunar cycles allows us to find community footing and context of these practices within current time.

The Dark side of the Moon training will hold true to its “PRACTICE School of Magic” intention— to function as a process of exploring the alchemy of the self to access practical self-power. Therefore application to DSOTM is open to those who do not necessarily wish to teach these Lunar methodologies, but who wish to dive into learning them with a community of supportive, diverse and awesome companions.


Dark side of the moon in a 100hr education program created for yoga and magic teachers who wish to lean into the reflective arts and gain awareness and skill in offering these quiet, subversive lineages. This program is offered through the PRACTICE School of Magic which is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. DSOTM is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (YACEP) offering. Yoga teachers who hold a 200hr or higher certification and are registered with the Yoga Alliance may be confirmed as a participant in this program and receive recognition for required Continuing Education hours.   For more info about the Yoga Alliance and their qualifications, please visit yogaalliance.org


.  Beyond scheduled sessions there will be 20 classes required practice both within the Poseurs community and in the Seattle yoga collective at large. These hours can be logged before, during and after the training, but must be completed for full program credit.  

Example of a Weekly Schedule Breakdown:

Wednesdays 6:15pm- 7:15pm Required Community Practice

Fridays 6-10pm Session

Sunday 1-7pm Session


This training is unaffiliated with a specific yoga studio, and like it's root community, Poseurs, it is a non-traditional, pop-up training.  The training is local to the Capitol Hill Neighborhood and we will hold our sessions at The Vajra on 10th [1423 10th Av between Pike & Union] - a meditation and mindfulness space where the Rebel Saints Meditation Society holds meetings, sits and classes.


As a commitment to accessibility,  tuition for The School of Magic is accepted in a 3-tiered sliding scale.  This self-assessed model allows for trainees to choose their own financial exchange from 3 options:

1. $900 {This is the baseline compensation for teacher training.  This cost requirement must be met by all non-scholarships students .}

 2. $1050    {If you are in a position of abundance, we ask that you consider one of the 2 upper tier payment options as an  engagement

3. $1200  {with the rejection of the commodification of yoga, and the creation of value and inclusion by non-economic standards. }

Upon acceptance to the DSOTM program you will be asked to proclaim what tier you have chosen to pay. Tiers are established as a latticers structure— you may choose any tuition between the 1st and 3rd tier and proclaim it upon acceptance along with any payment schedule that allows you to meet the energetic exchange.

The purpose of this 3-tiered system is to allow the community an avenue to support its own growth and inclusivity from a financial perspective.  By choosing to share your abundance as you feel and adjudicate, you support accessibility and affordability for all.  The income from these economics supports our Anti-Oppression Scholarships,  community workshops, continuing education offerings and special P:SOM classes throughout the year.  You will be asked to proclaim your compensation tier upon acceptance to the program (Your compensation choice (of course!) will not be considered in our assessment of your application).  

Your $400 deposit holds your spot in the training and this deposit must be payed on or before the program start date.  Your chosen tuition must be received in full by the date of graduation from this program .  

 If you need a payment schedule to create financial accessibility to the program, please reach out.

Attendance & Commitment: 

While this training is called a '100hr' training, you can anticipate an overall time commitment of around 90-110 hours over the course of the program. This includes training sessions, out of class reading, homework, journaling, studying and physical practice.

This is an immersion training, which means it is a lot of time, energy and emotional undertaking over the development of the process.  This degree of showing up for yourself and the community can feel large for some, so we encourage you to examine the hours and times as well as your personal learning habits and self-care practices as you consider this training.  There will always be space for you to have your own individual process, but discipline is a crucial pillar of yoga, and it supports our success as a coven.  Like most valuable explorations, the energy you receive will directly reflect the degree of energy you put forth into this program.  

If you are applying, we ask that you plan to be present for as much of the training as possible.  Make up work will be facilitated for up to 11hrs (about one weekend’s worth) and for emergencies, beyond which trainees must take responsibility for their own resources and make up work.  


The PRACTICE: School of Magic Dark Side of The Moon program, in alignment with the 8 fold path of Rajayoga, as expressed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is committed to  actively subverting the heteropatriarchy and the racial, social and economic oppression it fosters and creates.  As such, we are dedicated to the inclusivity, representation and celebration of the marginalized, underrepresented and oppressed persons of the community.   

We assert to holding space for the truths, experiences and growth & healing processes of those who find themselves marginalized and(or) oppressed on the basis(s) of age, disability status, religious affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, indigenous group membership, nationality and/or gender. It is our intent to hear, learn from and respect the experiences of all people. 

The PRACTICE: School of Magic commits to perpetuating learning forms and content that seek to create inclusivity and question our given cultural beliefs and societal contexts. We work to provide space for real, compassionate diversity and value a grassroots, community created perspective.   On purpose. 


Poseurs is the Practice School of Magic’s sister organization- a donation based yoga community in Seattle.   If you've never taken a Poseurs class before, come check one out and scope out the radical energy. 

Schedule @ poseurs.us/pages/events or follow on the social medias @posuersyoga . PRACTICE:SOM Yoga Teacher training is for and of the community, so the best way to know if this is the learning experience for you is to physically engage with this open and accepting group of humans.   Grab a zine at class,  breathe with some fellow poseurs and get a feel for the community! Email practiceschoolofmagic@gmail.com with any questions or reach out at to Emily, Alyssa or any teacher at a Poseurs class!